No, you do not have to buy a pumpkin. You can come visit without any obligation to
spend additional money aside from our admission fee.

Yes, we do require parents to pay admission. We have worked hard to bring a
variety of attractions to the farm for the entire family to enjoy without age
restrictions and without the hassle of a la carte style entertainment. We are
an all inclusive activity farm (except for potato cannons and goat feed).

Yes, we do. Please visit our Groups or Field Trips page for more information.

Our pumpkins are priced by size rather than weight and range from $0.70 per

We are working toward being able to raise our own crop but this year we were unable to do so due to weather driven circumstances.

Yes. We will be allowing pets this year but they will have to pay a full
admission fee. A portion of the proceeds will go to local animal shelters.

No. Outside food and drinks are not permitted unless a special event states otherwise.

We required all kids/adults need tickets if they are 3 years of age and

We are open for field trips (by appointment only) in October and open on Fridays to the public all season long from 10am - 2pm.

Yes, we are. We do however, recommend that the wheels you roll on can manage small gravel.

Yes, we do.


No, we push our ticketing online so we can forecast what our staffing needs will look like for each given day.

No. We are unable to offer refunds for tickets at this time.