farm map & activities

The following farm map and activities list are only guaranteed for our Pumpkin Festival. If we are able to open activities for other events, the event will list those activities available.

Farm Map

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10-acre Corn maze

Each year, we have a new corn maze design full of fun and creativity! Last year, we wanted to represent the patriotic American that we know and love! This year will also be a beloved design. With game cards and navigation hints, you'll love this 30-45 minute activity! Included with general admission.

this year's design

u-pick pumpkin patch

We certainly tried to raise our own pumpkins this year and heck, we didn't do bad. But the weeds did great! We will have a similar pumpkin patch to our first year because we don't figure you want to wade around in weeds to find a pumpkin. Pumpkins are sold by weight at $.60/lb

hay rides

Hay rides run every hour on the farm Friday - Sunday and they are authentic. We built our hay wagons from real hay wagons and we go through the corn maze to get there. So be prepared for a ride that isn't on concrete! Included with general admission.

Corn Pit

Here to stay forever. Our corn was sponsored by Basin Coop and this year's corn pit is 4x the size it was in 2021! Included with general admission.

Jumbo Jumpers

That's ride you read that correct! We have 2 jumpers on the farm this year and one is for the littles! The big one is for any age and the small one is reserved for 4 years old and younger. Included with general admission.

Potato Cannons

Ever wanted to launch a potato as far as it would go? Well now's your chance! For just a couple more dollars you can zing potatoes across the farm!

Giant swing

This beauty isn't made for swinging but it sure is a cool spectacle! A man from East Tennesse logged, milled and built this swing. Included with general admission.

Fire pits

Rent a private fire pit during our opening hours or come to our Family Sunset Pumpkin Tour for a semi-private setting including a fire pit for building s'mores and keeping cozy!


farm animals

Come check out our furry friends on the farm! We have goats and sheep and you will have to opportunity to feed them for a small addition cost

Corn Hole

We love adding small games that will keep the older kids and dad busy while mom shops in the gift shop. Corn hole is great for that and that's why we're keeping it around. Included with general admission.

giant slides

If you haven't noticed, we like things big around here! These tube slides build momentum in a tunnel and then open up to an awesome view and a soft landing! Included with general admission.

Barrel Trains

We have a couple options for barrel trains! Stotz equipment is letting us use one for the tiny children and then we have the cow train and the bucking cow train for the older kids! Included with general admission.

Tire mountain

Stack em' and make them stable! We have added onto our tire mountain to make it more fun and spooky (but safe of course). Included with general admission.


If you don't love a good game of tug-o-war then are you even living?! Included with general admission.

Tractor sandhill

This old tractor has been set up in sand for the kids to climb on and pretend they are driving a tractor! Included with general admission.

Bird enclosures

taking a walk through bird city here, is like taking a walk through Walmart. We have chickens of all walks of life! Included with general admission.

Horse shoes

Another yard game we added to keep you busy while the kids burry themselves in the corn. Included with general admission.

giant chalkboard

You think you've seen it all but not yet! We have added a chalkboard that is the entire side of a shipping container! You'll never run out of room on here! Included with general admission.

Bubble barn

We are thrilled to have kids making giant bubbles while their smile reaches ear to ear! Included with general admission.

face painting

Our face painters are experience and know exactly how to give each kid the perfect stamp! Every kid leaves the farm with a special glow when they had a little paint on them! Outside vendor.

bull ring toss

You've never known frustrating or hard until you do this! JK, some can do it fast and others just give up (guity!). Try this one on for size and you could end up spending your whole trip trying to master it. Included with general admission.

Countless photo-ops

We had a few photo ops last year, but nothing like we have this year. Be ready for the best opportunities to take your family photos, selfies and board pictures! Included with general admission.

Pipe Tunnel Sandbox

This kids love this sandbox that allows them to climb through tunnels and on top of them! Included with general admission.

Kelly's Balance Beam

We recycled oilfield equipment, called a kelly, for you to practice your balance! Included with general admission.

stick horse barrel races

Set up a race with your friends to see who has the best stick horse racing skills. Included with general admission.