Weekends that we are open to the public during our Pumpkin Festival, we will have a food truck on site. Farmer's Fresh Market will be here every Friday - Sunday and start serving around 10:30 am.

On our busiest weekends, we will have more options and those will be determined closer to the date.

Kettle Corn

Now you've been warned... because we've been told this is the best kettle corn around. Sweet, salty and super addicting!


We are excited to offer jolly rancher and apple cider slushies as well as our Signature Loaded Apple Pie Slushie!

Cotton candy

We love it and so do kids!

Canned goods

We have some of the best quality canned goods you can find! Top quality ingredients make a top quality product!

prepackaged snacks

From candy to veggies, boxed to freeze dried. We've got it all!

Coca-Cola Beverages

Coca-Cola is our exclusive provider for beverages. Coke, Diet-Coke, Sprite, Root Beer, Mr. Pibb, AHA, Fanta, Dasani and Powerade will be available on the farm

ice cream bars

We love ice cream but with too many options, you can never make up your mind. We will serve 4-5 different ice cream bars every day.

Doughrango doughbar

With Emily's signature flavors and flavors exclusive to Jack-A-Lope Acres, these edible cookie dough bites are the best for your sweet tooth!